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About Ben Kallos

Confronted with corruption in Albany, Ben put voting records online so New Yorkers could finally hold politicians accountable. Since then he's run a government reform organization that successfully removed corruption from government and served as Policy Director for former Public Advocate Mark Green.

Ben grew up on the Upper East Side with his mother, who still lives in the neighborhood, and his grandparents, who fled anti-Semitism in Europe. A Bronx Science graduate, Ben knows that our public schools are more than just budget line.  He attended SUNY Albany and SUNY Buffalo Law School, where he paid his own way through.

In the City Council, Ben chairs the Committee on Governmental Operations, where he promotes transparency to ensure every dollar gets spent to improve your quality of life--from affordable housing to senior services to better schools.


Press Coverage
Our Town
Friday, October 9, 2015

Community Voices Heard called on Mayor Bill de Blasio to increase funding for NYCHA out of the city budget and to cease private development on NYCHA land. Councilmember Ben Kallos offered words of support and vowed to stand with Holmes residents.

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Press Release
Thursday, October 8, 2015

New York City Council Member Ben Kallos, who represents the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island, said, “I commend FRIENDS of the Upper East Side Historic Districts and BFJ Planning for undertaking this thoughtful, responsive study. Our diverse neighborhoods are threatened by a perfect storm of development interests and outdated zoning laws. By acting now and working cooperatively with the City, together we can preserve local character and build contextually and sustainably to benefit the community.”

Download the Report (PDF - 49 MB)

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Press Coverage
CBS New York
Wednesday, October 7, 2015

“We’re here to stop the parade of super-scrapers across 57th Street,” Kallos said. “Draw the line at a residential neighborhood.”

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Press Coverage
Friday, October 2, 2015

DOT already maps NYPD crash data for all streets citywide, albeit by intersection, so we know the streets where crashes occur. What the public doesn’t know is whether police are concentrating enforcement in areas where it’s most needed to prevent crashes. In 2014 Council Member Ben Kallos introduced a bill to require the city to release and map data on all moving violations — including date, time, and latitude and longitude coordinates — to be published at least once a month. Though Rodriguez is listed as a co-sponsor of the Kallos bill, it went nowhere.

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September was a month of celebration from Labor Day to Rosh HaShannah to Eid. Following Labor Day, I joined principals and teachers of PS 290 and PS 158 to greet parents and kids as they started a new year of learning and growing. On September 24, New York City schools closed for the first time ever for the Muslim holiday of Eid, truly making this a month of Religious inclusion, along with the Jewish High Holidays and the visit from Pope Francis who stayed right here on the Upper East Side.

The Pope's visit was about more than local significance, as he brought a message of inclusion, equality, and stewardship over the environment. I hope you will find that message throughout this newsletter, as I update you on what we've achieved over the past month, and what we can do together in October to make the world a better place. Before you read more, you might want to RSVP for our Senior Health Fair, sign up for a Participatory Budgeting Neighborhood Assembly, mark First Friday and Policy Night on your calendar, or reserve a spot at our Housing Legal Clinic.

Please also be aware of the oncoming Hurricane Joaquin. You can find information about Joaquin and hurricane preparedness at the website of the NYC Office of Emergency Preparedness.

I hope you enjoyed your September. How were your holidays?


Ben Kallos


  1. Fighting Superscrapers and Celebrating Mr. Herndon Werth
  2. Holmes Towers: “Infill Housing”
  3. DEC Considers Impact on Air Quality of MTS
  4. Decide How to Spend $1 Million in the Community


  1. Bike Safety Program Continues as Citi Bike Comes to Upper East Side
  2. Ferrying Progress for Roosevelt Island
  3. Hail a Yellow or Green Cab with Your Smartphone

Affordable Housing and Preserving Our Neighborhoods

  1. Rent Freeze Takes Effect
  2. Supporting Landmarks by Opposing Introduction 775
  3. Legislation to Protect Tenants


  1. Opening a New School on the Upper East Side
  2. UPK on Roosevelt Island
  3. Cornell Tech Town Hall, Tonight 10/1
  4. First Day of School
  5. Ramaz Rededication

Equality and Transparent Government

  1. Calling for Low-Cost Internet and Free Computers in Proposed Charter-Time Warner Merger
  2. Fighting for $15 with Vice President Joe Biden and Governor Andrew Cuomo
  3. Talking Election Reforms and More on City Watch
  4. Getting Your Ideas: Crowdsourcing the Law
  5. How to Become a New York City Council Member
  6. Nextdoor


  1. Getting Prepared for Hurricane Joaquin and the Next Emergency
  2. Celebrating the Holidays and Honoring Survivors
  3. Town Hall
  4. The WIRE in the Wall Street Journal
  5. Street Fairs
  6. Parades
  7. Welcoming Commanding Officer Delgado

Office Updates

  1. Legislative Corner
  2. In the Neighborhood
  3. Volunteer
  4. Here to Help
  5. Mobile District Hours
  6. Ben in Your Building
  7. City Council Events

Community Resources

  1. Bike New York
  2. Jewish Association Serving the Aging
  3. Department of Sanitation: E-Waste Recycling and Organics
  4. Community Events
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Press Coverage
Thursday, October 1, 2015

One of the bills introduced by Councilman Ben Kallos, the committee chair, would require the Department of Education, which is already under a requirement to provide voter registration information to graduating seniors, to receive such material from the Board of Elections in other languages, based on schools' student population.

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Press Coverage
Columbia Daily Spectator
Thursday, October 1, 2015

Kim, a New Jersey native pursuing a degree in economics, interned with New York City Council member Ben Kallos this past summer, and she’s received a number of awards at Barnard, like the Jo Greene Iwabe Prize and the SGA Leadership Award, an award presented to students who display responsibility in building a community at Barnard.

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